My Learning Project – FINAL POST


This week I began to prepare for my final project: a cover of the song “Meteor Shower” by Owl City. To get ready, I spent time listening to the song and making sure I memorized the piano’s left hand parts (for low end chords and bass notes) and the right hand parts (for the melody).

Here is the final product!

Contributing to others’ Learning

I enjoyed reading the blog posts of my classmates, especially watching everyone learn a new skill online.

One of my friends on Twitter shared a thread of great books that discuss race and racism. It was a great idea and I was happy to add to the conversation.

I also shared several video tutorials and images on my learning-project posts that I hope helped inform others on their own understanding of music.



  • This was such a useful tool in my learning process, because it helped me think about keys, chords, and notes differently. Specifically, it helped me realize the relationship between keys, chords, and notes, and gave me a system to memorize key signatures, which are a way to recognize how many sharps or flats are in a key. Until now, I always had to guess this. 


  • while the circle of fifths was useful in helping me understand music more  theoretically, basic chord-building was useful to me in a much more practical way.
  • I realized that intervals were the basic building blocks for chords, and I spent quite a bit of time practicing building or recognizing these chords with my instructor.


  • Like I mentioned before, I was not aware of the fact that I played the piano in a very static and loud manner. It took my friend to point out that I was banging the keys too loudly and not using the sustain pedal properly for me to search for learning resources on dynamics.
  • I learned to play with a variety of volumes by listening to more music over Spotify and youtube, and I also watched several videos that helped me become more mindful about how I was using the sustain pedal. 


Online learning is super versatile. Here are a few reasons that I find online learning will be useful in the classroom.


Online mediums create a platform for professionals in their fields to share invaluable information. Students now have some of the worlds’ greatest musicians, bakers, and theorists at their fingertips, meaning that there are fewer and fewer gatekeepers to learning and knowledge. I find it fascinating that I can learn about piano theory as it is demonstrated by the worlds’ greatest pianists. 

Demonstration is one of the most powerful tools for a student to fully learn a new skill. This may look like a teacher recording video of themselves completing a task, or participating in an activity that the students are expected to participate in. Either way, i think that online classrooms are an opportunity for teachers to participate in the learning process and become more hands-on by creating valuable content, as well as sharing the work of others, to give students a rich pool of learning resources to pull from. 

Repeatable Lessons

Because a lesson can be in video, audio, or written format, online learning can eliminate the anxiety of missing something in a live instruction setting. 

This harkens back to my post about the “Flipped Classroom” idea, which sees instruction relegated to an online platform in a pre-recorded audio, video, or text format. This frees up class-time for activities and practice. While this tragedy requires a lot more preparation before-hand, online learning has made this model all the more possible. 

Self-directed learning

Because of the great wealth of information on the internet, students are now afforded a ton of options for how they want to go about learning new skills. If a teacher can successfully educate their students on how to sniff out good versus bad sources, and set up assignments or projects that are predicated on options while still having clear expectations, online classrooms can be a powerful way to get students involved in their own learning process.

All in all, I enjoyed learning to play the piano online! I learned about a ton of cool online tools, and have a better understanding of how I might use these new strategies in my own classroom one day!

To all my classmates, good luck with the rest of your 2020!

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