My Learning Project – FINAL POST

COVER PROJECT This week I began to prepare for my final project: a cover of the song “Meteor Shower” by Owl City. To get ready, I spent time listening to the song and making sure I memorized the piano’s left hand parts (for low end chords and bass notes) and the right hand parts (forContinue reading “My Learning Project – FINAL POST”

My Learning Project – Part VI

CHORD OF THE WEEK Today’s chord of the week is the diminished7 chord. Building a first inversion diminished chord requires a minor third, another minor third, and then a major third. To make that diminished chord into a diminished7, you must add the 7th note in the scale, which can be accomplished by adding anotherContinue reading “My Learning Project – Part VI”

Social Justice in the Classroom

With everything that’s been going on with the protests and the highly polarized state of the US and beyond, it is almost impossible to avoid conversations in the classroom about social issues and controversial topics. How do we navigate the concept of voicing views on the internet? Should teachers remain silent? Should they speak out?Continue reading “Social Justice in the Classroom”

Remote Teaching & The Flipped Classroom

As I was going through my notes from last year’s classes, I stumbled upon a section of notes on the concept of the “flipped classroom”. For this strategy, the teacher swaps around all in-class and at-home activities. Instead of the traditional in-class instruction, pre-recorded lessons are posted to an online classroom for the students toContinue reading “Remote Teaching & The Flipped Classroom”

My Learning Project Part III – Quizzes

For my Learning Project, I took a few Circle of Fifths Quizzes to test my knowledge of the content. I plan on redoing these each week. Below are the results of three different online quizzes I took on the Circle of Fifths.  QUIZ #1 This quiz gives you ten randomized questions. It also timesContinue reading “My Learning Project Part III – Quizzes”